ParseMyResume is founded with a vision to automate Resume Reading and Resume Insertion process.
When we see any typical recruitment cycle, we found that process of Resume Reading and Inserting to ERP /ATS is most boring and time consuming task.


At PMR we are solving this bottleneck and automating resume reading an d we do automated insertion.

PMR pick  resumes from your Email, Desktop, And Job Boards and insert them directly into your ATS / Database /ERP and enjoy the automation of resume reading. This makes your ATS  updated with latest resumes. Your team can search with all resumes inserted into Database. This improves over all team efficiency.


ParseMyResume  (PMR)  is a small utility which collect resumes from your required space and insert them to your required crm/ atabase along with all data parsed, analyzed and ready for use.


Process is

Resume Gathering   ->   Resume Parsing  ->  And Resume Insertion to your ATS / CRM / Database.

bottle neck in Recruitement

Typical Recruitment cycle




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